Isabelle GAU - professional Coaching*

To make your difference a strength

*Professional coaching supports concrete and operational situations in companies

  • Find meaning and shine

  • Harmonize human interactions

Like a living organism that carries its adaptation capabilities in each of its cells, the company expresses its potential for excellence by connecting to every human being that composes it (inspired by "Reinventing Organizations," Frédéric Laloux).

  • Engage teams in transitions

  • Develop a responsible corporate culture

I help business stakeholders to:

Why choosing Opalye ?

Operational experience and understanding of challenges

Engineer with a 30-year journey encompassing various managerial roles in the aerospace industry as well as consultancy experience, in a cultural and digital transformation context.

Proficiency in coaching tools and methods

Certified professional coach RNCP Coach and Team® for individual, team, and organizational coaching. I have applied and experimented with these tools within a large aerospace industrial group.

Change catalyst

My strength and serenity have always been my allies in navigating change, rallying energies beyond organizational boundaries, exhibiting a strong stress-resistance capacity, and fostering connections.